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Excy XCS 240. Certified Refurbished. Not Available At This Time.
Excy XCS 240. Certified Refurbished. Not Available At This Time.

Enjoy the Excy cycling life: $699.00
Please except 1-2 days shipping delay due to increasing demand at this time with COVID-19 (working hard to get you your system quickly): $449.00
Savings: $250.00

: Currently Unavailable
Product Code: EXCY-XCS-240-R


Certified Refurbished XCS 240!

We have a handful of Refurbished Excy XCS 240 models on the heels of a recent tradeshow and local demonstrations! With an enduring commitment to quality and durability, Excy Certified Refurbished products offer first-class upper and lower body cycling performance. We carefully examine each system against our high quality standards, rigorously test them, carefully certify all components, and make them available to you at an unbeatable price. All Certified Refurbished Excy systems include our 1-year warranty. Refurbished systems have small blemishes, have been used lightly and are ready to be used like new immediately.

The Excy XCS 240!

The Excy XCS 240 is optimized to be used as an upper body ergometer, unicycle exercises, and as a desk cycle. It is stout, stable, and portable for anywhere upper and lower body conditioning. Controlled recumbent cycling is possible, but the XCS 240 does not include an expandable slide option available in the XCS 260 and XCS 280 which make both models superior for using Excy in the stationary recumbent exercise bike position. If you only want to use Excy as an upper body ergometer, a floor cycle from a lying down position or a desk cycle, the XCS 240 model is for you!

Excy XCS 240
Overview of all Excy systems
  • Primary Use Cases:

    • Light to vigorous upper body ergometer floor strength and cardio training
    • Light to vigorous upper body ergometer table cycling
    • Light to vigorous step cycling / unicycle
    • Light to vigorous floor cycling while lying down
    • Light to vigorous leg cycling placed in front of a chair with adjustable heights
    • Light to moderate recumbent cycling
    • Light to moderate leg cycling placed in front of a chair

    • XCS Cycle
    • Keeper
    • Fixed Bar
    • No Slide

    Exercise Range Key: 0 to 5*
    0= Just Moving
    3= Athletic
    5= Super strong
    Recumbent Bike (0-2-5*)
    Upper Body Ergometer (0-5)
    Strength Training (0-5)
    Unicycle (0-5)
    Floor /Desk Cycle (0-5)
    *User must have and utilize good controlled movement in order to keep Excy stable at this level.


    * 14 pounds

    Portable Footprint:
    * L30” x W15”x H5.5”

    Workout Footprint (Adjustable Heights)
    * No Pin: L33” x W13.5” x H16.5”
    * Hole 1: L31” x W13.5” x H 18”
    * Hole 2: L28”x W13.5”x H21.5”
    * Hole 3: L22.5”x W13.5” x H24.5”

    * 2-70 pounds bi-directional

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